Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Bro!

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 5/23/11

This picture captures two aspects of life here:

1) Ben's [my son] happiness at having a good friend. He'd felt rather friendless after some of the friends he'd had when we first moved here moved away to other mission assignments with their families. Ben had really been struggling last year in school and with deep sadness. This picture captures the essence of healing, a glad heart, and joy. For me, it was good to see my son smiling and happy. "A glad heart makes a cheerful face..." (Proverbs 15:13).

2) The second aspect this picture captures the essence of our life here in the Philippines—DIVERSE—filled with wonderful friends from many nationalities. We are blessed. This picture was taken on the track and field day at Faith Academy, an international Christian school for missionary kids he goes to here in Davao.

photographer: Beth Symanzik, Philippines. “We moved overseas over 4 years ago. This is our first time overseas. Our oldest daughter was 12 when we moved here. Now she is 16 and loves it here! Our family has been through many changes and stresses. We came over as a family of 5 and are now a family of 7; we’re in the process of adopting twin boys. We've had them since they were 9 weeks old. They are 3 years-old now. My husband works as a software developer in our mission organization. I have been guest house manager and hospitality coordinator. Currently I am being a full-time mom and also working on a masters degree in counseling.

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