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The Yellow Dress 
Generation Next is having her say! Sarah's voice will reflect the young, single woman serving cross-culturally, but she will cleverly inform us all,
just from a different and refreshing point of view.
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Jamie Jo, our colorful and sassy blog host, is a woman who has been on the field for 25 years; she picks up where Coffeegirl left off, posting new content weekly on Wednesday.

A gifted storyteller and writer, Jamie Jo draws women in with her provocative and humorous style of keeping it real while serving the Lord in a cross-cultural setting. She gets your life...because she’s living it too! 

Value your voice—we do! Women serving cross-culturally have a unique take on events and a distinct point of view that needs to be told. We want you to start telling (and writing) your stories. Gain insight and help from published women eager to share their writing expertise with you.

Each Tuesday we will have a new post that will inspire and encourage you to value your voice.


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