Who's Coffeegirl?

Any woman who has embarked on the cross-cultural adventure of sharing the love of Christ outside her home culture has a piece of Coffeegirl with her. It was on this blog she told her story from the very beginning; however, it is not merely about the first year, the first term, or for the uninitiated. 

Coffeegirl served up a fresh brew (June '08-Nov '09) about what was happening on the field and pouring out the impact it made on her heart. Although her posts are now archived, we still invite you, any woman in any stage of the cross-cultural adventure, to come the table with your favorite cup of joe, drink in her words, and know that you are not alone!

NOW: Coffeegirl's Community Blog
It's a place of connection between women serving cross-culturally and the WOTH ministry. We post fresh content weekly on Monday; featuring the “Story Behind the Photo” -- the back story of the photo used in Picture Praise, WOTH's free e-photo devotional, by the woman who took the shot. 

An archive of 18 months of Coffeegirl Confessions—the musings of a first-term woman serving cross-culturally and the life she encountered.

Plus a blogroll of 100+ women ready to connect in the global harvest fields!


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