Monday, June 27, 2011

Right or Left

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 6/27/11

This was taken at Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge near Vancouver, Canada when I was there visiting my brother in January 2010. He took the picture of me without me knowing – and I like the way it looks like I am walking into the unknown, and that there is only one way to walk... it reminded me of this verse in Isaiah.

photo submitted by: Belinda Chaplin, Bosnia. "I am a South African, working in Bosnia with YWAM. I am involved in English teaching and Humanitarian aid and work with the local Protestant Church. I have been here almost 10 years now."

It's the season of travel: furlough, vacation, re-locating. Read the article, "Easing Airport Stress: 7 Great Tips to Emotions from Taking Off" by Gwen Klontz, Bolivia, and experience a new [peaceful] way to glide through the airport as you head to your next destination.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Never Thirsty

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 6/20/11

We were headed up there to visit when we had to stop and assess the condition of the 'road' which was going through the river. These ladies were delighted to have fresh, clean water running over the rocks. It made it so much easier for them to scoop out instead of having to dig deep into the sand like they normally do during the dry season.

photographer: Vera Steury, Kenya. "My husband and I have been in Kenya now for 24 years. We work with the Maasai tribe in a remote area of Kenya. We do community-based health care (immunizations, HIV/AIDS counseling, clean water projects). I teach Sunday School, homeschool my own kids, and run a small guest house. My husband was born in Kenya as a missionary kid. All three of our children were also." You can visit Vera @

from the pages of the May/June '11 issue of the WOTH onlineMagazine:

"The Lasagna Fiasco: Tasting Humility One Bite at a Time" by Betsy C., Turkey.

One reader's response from the Message Board: "Thank you for the reminder about the impact pride has on how we respond to comments and actions of others! I needed that"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Patagonian Strength

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 6/13/11

This is a picture of the Torres del Paine in the national park of the same name in Patagonia, Chile. As I look on them I recognize that they have stood for thousands of years and while they are weathered they stand strong and firm. And the verse that comes to mind each time I view them is "The name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10 He has the strength that I need to get me through the trials and hardships. He is my strong tower.

photographer: Jacolyn Bursmeyer, Chile.

from the pages of the May/June '11 issue of the WOTH onlineMagazine:

"Loving Arabs Without Losing Myself"...staring into my closet I wondered, " What outfit would produce the least amount of comments?" by Robin W., Jordon.

One reader's response from the Message Board: "This is a wonderful spirit and change of heart attitude to proclaim. Many years ago I lived in a major Western European city, and the troubles I experienced as a young female among a sea of North African Muslim men were deeply disturbing. I must say it took me many years, even while living in the US again, before I overcame my feelings of anger and hatred toward these men. I asked God to help me feel compassion. It was not easy. Thank you for sharing your heart and desire to love those who mistreat you through no fault of your own"

Monday, June 6, 2011


STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 6/6/11

This picture was taken in the famous bullring in Sevilla, Spain. This area of Spain is the birthplace of bullfighting and visited by thousands every year. While we sat and enjoyed the view, a perfect piece of rainbow began to form even though there was no rain. Everyone sat quietly and marveled at it. It lasted a few minutes, and then it was gone.

photographer: Chantelle McIver, International Worker in Niger, Africa.

from the pages of the May/June '11 issue of the WOTH onlineMagazine:

"My Struggle to Walk in Peace"...false accusations were wrecking havoc on me. By Kimberly Johnson, South America.


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