Monday, December 24, 2012


STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 12/24/12

My husband and I saw the Lord moving in the prisons in Thailand when we were there on a mission trip about 8 years ago. We felt the Lord inviting us to join His work there, so we did. We stayed in Bangkok studying Thai and doing prison work for 6 years. 

I thought I was going on the mission field as just my very talented husband's wife. Painting was always just a hobby, it kept me sane particularly through nursing school, but God used it to reach into prisons and draw people to Him through art classes. Who knew?  I am a very ordinary looking American grandmother, but I can say that I have hung out with tattooed drug lords serving life sentences in Thai prisons. 

Recently my husband had a business trip to the UK.  As we drove around we spied this cross outside a little church in Wales. This cross has stood there for a long time and has weathered many storms.  But the cross of Christ for which it stands has endured even more yet stands glorious!  It is so amazing to see God at work wherever you go! I edited the photo to focus just on the cross and blur out the rest.  I want to live like that too - just focus on the cross. If I look at all the stuff around the edges, if I get caught up in the peripherals, get distracted with the busy things and loose my focus on the cross, I burn out, get discouraged and get worn down. Got to keep my focus on the cross!

We'd love to see your corner of the world and the people who live please consider submitting your photo (jpeg, at least 600px x 400px) and verse (not on the photo) to:

photographer: Charlotte Blanford, USA

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