Monday, December 10, 2012

His Ways

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 12/10/12

Here is a picture of a Tanzanian man, in a suit, standing on a truck, refueling a 12 passenger plane.  This picture prompted me to think of Isaiah 55:8.  Sometimes we think our western ways and ideas are superior to those of our countrymen on our field of service.  This picture is a reminder that different doesn’t mean inferior.  Just as God loves us despite our shortcomings, we should embrace and understand the differences we encounter on a daily basis.

We'd love to see your corner of the world and the people who live please consider submitting your photo (jpeg, at least 600px x 400px) and verse (not on the photo) to:

photographer: Kimberly Hodgson, Mbeya, Tanzania  “Kimberly and Cory Hodgson have been serving in Tanzania, East Africa with Grace Ministries International since February 2006. They have two sweet children, Naomi (8) and Elijah (5). Kimberly is primarily a wife, mother, teacher (for her children), and hostess. Her husband Cory’s primary ministry is a Bible correspondence program. They work together to provide hospitality to the many guest who pass through their home.”

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