Monday, January 16, 2012

Holding Your Hand

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 01/16/12

After two years of sickness we finally came to the extremely difficult decision that we would have to move back to North America. Since day one of living in Dakar, Senegal I have been sick. It has been very difficult to balance sickness, language learning, my two boys, family life and ministry. But God was truly teaching us so much. It was a hard decision to make. But we are so glad that we will be doing nearly the same jobs in North America.

We slowly started packing up our things and selling what would not be able to fit into suitcases. The house was already not feeling like home anymore. It was just another place we were passing through. The beginning of December I got out the Christmas decorations and attempted to get into the "Christmas spirit." But it only resulted in tears and sadness. Where is home? Surely not here! I packed up the decorations again and decided that I just couldn't do it. When my husband came home I explained to him that Christmas was going to have to be different this year. He agreed.

We then discussed the idea of spending Christmas at the beach. Getting away as a family for a few days was exactly what our hurting hearts needed. We needed some time to bond as a family and process the upcoming change in our lives.

This photo was taken on our way to the beach. Those few days at the beach were the most refreshing few days I can remember. A time to process, relax, read the Word, and come back together as a family!

One of the main reasons we are returning home is so that I can have the physical and mental ability to disciple our children. These boys are so important to me. They are my number one ministry. This photo will forever be a treasure to us remembering the days where God reminded us that He is always there with an outstretched hand saying, "Do not fear, I will help you!"

photographer: Debra Copeland, Senegal.


Alida said...

Thank you so much for sharing the story behind the photo...I just love 'seeing' behind the scenes!

Mary Beth Lagerborg said...

What a beautiful image to remember and treasure! Thank you for sharing your story.


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