Monday, January 23, 2012

Draw Near

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 1/23/12

I was walking in the forest summer of 2011 while home on furlough and came across this patch of flowers blooming in the field. The Lord impressed me that He simply made creation to glorify Himself, to bring Himself delight. This image has been a reminder to me ever since that while many never see our work on the field, God sees, He knows, and He cares. And it brings HIM delight!

photographer: Kim Thompson, Latvia. "My work in Latvia is assisting the Baptist Union in the training of women leaders for the church. I am a trainer for Entrust4 and direct a women's ministry training program that now spans nationwide. It is very exciting to see Latvian and Russian women take ownership of the Titus 2 principle and train the next generation of women to live for Christ! I have also been an active part of the training program Entrust offers to missionary women: Women to Women Ministry Training."


naturalmotherhood said...

I love this and the truth offered as a gift with such a pretty flower!

Alida said...

How Beautiful!


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