Monday, January 2, 2012

Everything In It

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 1/2/12

After serving in Quito, Ecuador for 18 years, a friend and supporter surprised us by offering to send us to the Galapagos Islands, which are about 600 miles off of the coast of Ecuador. Honestly, it hadn't really been something urgent on our "to do" list. I mean, it's the place where Darwin proposed his theory of "evolution," right?

However, it was probably the most amazing trip of our lives! We were astounded by God's creation. This photo was taken on our way home from our favorite day in the Galapagos Islands--a day at Isla Bartolome, a barren, volcanic island with striking blue bays and wonderful snorkeling opportunities! In fact, we had just snorkeled with a large Manta Ray and a five foot long shark.

We were tired and relaxed for the 3-hour boat ride home. I was looking back towards Isla Bartolome and couldn't help but see the island--so ugly by itself, with the beautiful light on the water, and the Ecuadorian flag blowing in the wind! Here we were, in the middle of the birthplace of Evolution, serving as missionaries to the people of Ecuador--with the testimony of his marvelous creation all around us! What a contrast to a world without hope in a Creator who loves and cherishes us! What an inspiration to continue to share the good news of how God, our Creator, loved us and sent His son to die for us.

photographer: Sheryl Shedd serves with.HCJB Global in Ecuador. Sheryl is a homeschooling, missionary mom to eight children, and has served in Quito, Ecuador for 19 years. Her husband, Daniel, was assigned to their mission's home office in Colorado Springs from 2006-2011, and they have just recently returned to live and work in Ecuador once again. Sheryl keeps pretty busy with homeschooling their five children who are still at home and helping in their Ecuadorian church. Scrapbooking and reading are on the top of the list when there are a few moments to relax.

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junglewife said...

Sheryl! I know you! You might not remember me, though... I am Roy & Marabeth Ringenberg's oldest daughter, Sarah. My husband and I are now missionaries with MAF in Indonesia and I love reading the WOH blog. What a surprise to see your name at the bottom of this photo! Thank you for sharing your beautiful picture of the Galapagos!


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