Monday, September 19, 2011

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STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 09/19/11

The day I took this picture I was walking around the homes near mine, visiting with any women who might be home. I took a picture of Mitiele, the little child in the photo, from a bit of a distance because I knew she would quickly crawl to her mother inside as I approached.

The Yanomami people in this village (and throughout Venezuela and Northern Brazil) live in fear of spirits and try please the spirits in order to avoid sickness and harm. The darkness and fear in their lives is almost palpable sometimes. In this village of Palimi-U, as translation of the Bible progresses and years of Bible teaching begins to take root, God's light is shining in the lives of the believers.

Mitiele's parents are believers and her father has become a strong leader in the church. He also helps with Bible translation work and has traveled to a neighboring village to teach and challenge the people there as well. It is a tremendous challenge for the Yanomami to walk as children of light within their culture, but by God's grace it is possible!

photographer: Debbie Murphy, Brazil. “I am a nurse and I worked for 8 years in this Yanomami village in northern Brazil. I did medical work in the village as well as Bible teaching with the women.”

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