Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mothers : Daughters

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 4/19/10

One can readily imagine the attentive face of this little girl as she listens to the instructions of her mother. As I walked by and saw this mother and daughter outside their home in a village in Veracruz, Mexico, I couldn't help but get more than a little choked up. I have experienced seeing this same upturned look from each of my 5 children when they were small and I was a young mother instructing them. The little girls just love to imitate...even as young as 2 years-old, they are patting out tortillas, just like mommy!

photographer: Denise Aulie, working amongst the indigenous Nahuatl in Mexico. "Sometimes I make cards of [my] photos with verses on them. I have liked that for sending to people who pray for us, and sometimes I have even received a request for my photos which has surprised me to say the least. I guess we all have a 'creative' side - - mine seems to be photography and I am grateful to the Lord for any opportunity to honor Him this way. I give all my photos away to anyone I take a picture of and most to people who will never have the opportunity to own a camera let alone the opportunity to develop their own pictures. What a privilege to be able to even do this. Photography has opened, literally opened, doors of friendship and ministry for me."

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