Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Your New Sister

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 4/26/10

This picture was taken earlier this year in India. I was there for about a month and one of those weeks we held tent meetings. The first night of the meeting competed with a Hindu holiday celebrating Lord Shiva and the change of the seasons. It broke my heart to see the mass of people on the riverbank, wading into the cold, polluted water believing that they could wash their sins away. Our meeting was set up within 5, maybe 10, miles from there proclaiming the Truth that only Jesus can cleanse us of sin. Needless to say our meeting was not well attended that night. This picture was taken the third day of the meetings. Praise the Lord, that day we had a crowd of about 800 with 65 receiving Christ as their Savior. This precious woman is now a sister in Christ! A true miracle in a place of such spiritual darkness. Gory be to God, Amen.

photographer: Pam Campbell, India

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Tim and Susan said...

These are all beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Isn't it neat how one click of the camera can tell a lifetime of stories. Love it. Thanks for challenging me to see stories around me and capture it with my camera too.


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