Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Your Photos. Now Your Stories.

[what's brewing: a jolt to get the creative juices flowing]

I have an opportunity for you! Women of the Harvest onlineMagazine is putting a call out for articles that focus on this phrase: “Friendships that have made a difference on the field.” These friendships can be among teammates, a friend back home, a national woman, or...

What needs to be conveyed is how life-giving that relationship was at a critical time in your life or how important it is as you persevere in your cross-cultural life. Each onlineMagazine issue in 2010 will feature at least one story, but who knows where this "call for articles" could take us!

Length: 500-800 words--but I'm not that picky. Submit: editor@womenoftheharvest.com

Pop over to the WOTH Writer's Blog for some writing tips by a WOTH published author, Taryn R. Hutchison; her tips are in the blog sidebar, as well as in her posts.

I look forward to hearing from you! ~Cindy Blomquist, Editor

P. S. Remember to send in your global photos and verses for Picture Praise too.

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