Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is This Site Necessary?

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Now that you've bookmarked CG's Community, I've been praying about how to keep this blog relevant without our beloved Coffeegirl's posts. With the launch of IRL*in real life with Jamie Jo and the WOTH Writer's Blog (and more on the horizon), there are now venues where you can connect like you did with Coffeegirl.

Is this site even necessary?

We had a visitor in the office today, a former missionary woman, saying how lonely it can be out there, even among team members. Isn't it amazing how one good conversation with a friend can alleviate that feeling?

What I keep coming back to about this blog is how many of you are on our blog roll and are "Followers." It has become a place of connection--many of you have found each other by venturing out to the blogs listed. And WOTH wants to keep offering that and all our refreshing and life-giving resources, too.

So here is what you can expect each Tuesday you drop by:

*A place of connection with one another--we'll keep and add to the blog roll. Email me with your blog URL: editor@womenoftheharvest.com

*Each Tuesday post will highlight all the current refreshment being offered by WOTH (think: Bible study, Retreats, writing opportunities, publication releases).

* A new feature, "The Story Behind the Photo, " about the Picture Praise photo that came out on Monday, with a personal blurb and the details surrounding the shot. See sidebar.

What's NEW this week:
*WOTH's Weekly Word (e-Bible Study) is starting a NEW! series this week: Isaiah--Glimpses of God.
*WOTH Retreats: Registration is OPEN for the summer Furlough Retreat.
STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: "This photo I'm submitting is the best one I've ever taken and very dear to my heart. These children are Karen refugees in a camp along the border of Thailand and Burma. They fled the soldiers of Burma who had slaughtered most of their families. I heard horrendous stories that day from 20 some children just like these who told of watching their parents murdered. These children changed my life for an eternity." Photographer: Marcy Bentley Lemasters, Thailand--"I've been serving in Asia since 2005, full-time since 2007. I am the co-founder and secretary of Le Masters Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization caring for the widow, orphan, and taking the Good News of the Gospel around the world."

I'm open to what you may be thinking too...I'd love to hear from you!

~Cindy Blomquist, Editor


Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

definitely a good site to keep up. Does help with women on the field who feel "alone". I've enjoyed it so far and continue to read.

Kara said...

I don't actually feel 'alone' most of the time, but I enjoy the community anyway! I like your ideas.

Becky Aguirre said...

I think this is a good site for keeping up a blogroll and just news in general from WOTH and our community...also like the idea of the story behind the pictures! I often wonder about those...thanks for keeping us in mind!


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