Tuesday, December 29, 2009

52 Weeks of You

[what's brewing: a global blend]

Above is a slideshow of all the weekly Picture Praises that went out to 1400 (and growing!) subscribers worldwide this year. The power of a great shot and verse is beyond my meager words. It goes deep into the soul.

And the beauty is...they came from you: Women of the Harvest!

As we go into 201o, we need your global photos (300 dpi is the best) and accompanying verse that makes the photo sing! We'll do the layout; you submit the assets. Some of you submitted some beautiful photos for the "Painted Red" contest. Would you consider re-submitting them, along with a verse for Picture Praise? And think beyond, "Let the children come..." when submitting photos of children.

Email to: editor@womenoftheharvest.com

And just a bit of a teaser: our new Coffeegirl-esque Blog debuts next week!

Happy New Year!


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