Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ahhh, summer!

[what's brewing: iced Caramel Macchiato -- read on to see why!]

The month of May seems to have evaporated and I was in disbelief when I flipped my calendar today and found the reality of “June” looking me in the eye. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy lately (but when am I not busy, really?) but I haven’t really noticed the days passing by so quickly until I turned that page today. Even though it isn’t technically summer here, June + July + August will always equal SUMMER in my mind. And what is so great about summer exactly? Oh, I’m glad you asked.

For me, whether I get to experience these things or not, summer conjures up images of:

…strawberry lemonade
…playing Frisbee in the park
…the Coppertone baby
…covering myself in bug spray
…running through sprinklers
…homemade ice cream (oh, that’s a torturous thought!)
…sunglasses and ponytails
…windows down and the radio up
…road trips
…iced Caramel Macchiato’s at Starbucks
…my mom’s famous strawberry Jell-o salad

I am a happier person when filled with these distinctively summer images, and somehow even though I’m removed from most of them this year, they still leave me feeling like I’ve been sprinkled with a bit of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. Around the holidays I was saddened by my separation from my many distinctively Christmas images, but not this time of year. I don’t know what the difference is, but I feel refreshed just thinking of summer days and simply picturing them in my mind.

Okay, I confess. I’m headed “home” for a quick visit soon and will get to enjoy some of these summer treats over my stay. This may contribute to my summer giddiness, but I stand by my claim that just thinking of summer has an intoxicating effect on me. So indulge yourself with me…

Whether you’re headed into summer or winter, and whether you actually have these things or will simply dream of them, what would you add to my list?

Are visions of root beer floats dancing in your head?


junglewife said...

For me? It's definitely fruit. Summer is peaches, nectarines, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and all those delicious summer fruits. Mmmmm...

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Funny you should mention root beer floats! We just had some last week when we discovered root beer in a store in South Africa!!

The "stand out" ones to me though(because I'm a "Denver girl" will always be bike rides on all Denver's amazing bike trails. Oh, and farmer's markets and Hatch green chilis!

tschiller said...

I would have to say summer evenings stand out to me. My family tends to play outside together after dinner in the summer. There is no other time of year this takes place.

Greetings from Guatemala said...

for me? camping out, riding bikes, the swimming pool, snow cones, & those delicious fresh summer veggies!!!

Kristy said...

Root Beer floats are definite favorite and I'm so excited that our ex-pat store just stocked some A&W diet rootbeer. I have to stock up since we never know when it will be available again.

I have to say that summer isn't my favorite season. I prefer fall and especially now that I live in the tropics and we get summer year round. But June does bring about nostalgia and fond memories from my childhood:

school ending
4th of July
beach time with family
good fruit (non-tropical!) - we had cherry and plum trees
water skiing
rodeo and county fair
canning fruit with my mom

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

parks and picnics
trips to the lake
swimming pool

Ellie said...

Warm feet.

(It is still freezing here!)

Ice-cream. Root beer floats. Mangoes. Eating mangoes and letting the juice drip down our faces. Water balloon fights. Camping. Swimming. Eating melons.

Sweating. Taking three to four showers a day. Salty lemon-aide to stay hydrated.

Gardening. Biking.

I love summer.... when it is not too hot, when the trees are not making me sick with allergies.

Defrosting my toes in the sun. That is summer to me - when it is finally warm enough to defrost.

Chantelle said...

you had me at "iced caramel macchiato!"
For me...i live in the sahara desert now, summer means GRASS. Lying in it face down and smelling it is wonderful
Cooler brisk air at night, flower beds and BBQ!

jpierce said...

Sleeping outside and waking up with a damp pillow. Hearing birds singing early in the morning, windows left open and the smell of cut grass coming in. All the flowers in the yard blooming and time on my deck with a book. Stuff like that. jp onehandfulofrice

Anonymous said...

Barbecues!! We're from South Dakota and barbecues with the family and with close friends is a MUST on a weekly basis! Summer also means rodeos, fireworks, fresh strawberries, days by the lake, fishing, and thunderstorms! It's definitely NOT summer here in Peru...in fact, we're moving into winter and it's just downright COLD so thinking of all this is really pleasant! Our first summer away from home, too, makes it a little more nostalgic...

Libby said...

Grilled hamburgers, watermelon, berries, nectarines, cherries!!, freshly mowed grass, walks in the still light late summer evenings, fireflies, wearing comfy shorts and t-shirts, ICED TEA!! Homemade salsa from garden veggies to eat with real tortilla chips, corn on the cob....ah...so many things. :) I feel the same way, this time of year really gets me wanting to be summer-y no matter where I am.

kimom said...

I would add time to relax and visit with friends, warm lazy evenings, lots of flowers, basking in the sun and swimming! We're from Oregon, where sun is an occasional privilege. I remembered suddenly yesterday how much the prospect of a sunny day used to cheer everyone up. Here near the equator it may be 'winter' but it's still sunny and warm to me. I can have summer cheeriness and flowers everyday if I take the time to notice! I think 'summer' is easier than Christmas too because here it feels to us like summer all year long! Maybe I'll make a potato salad this week...

Mo said...

Playing in the pool with my niece
Crocket with the family
Camping trips with the dogs
Wearing shorts
Refreshing A/C for cooling off
Dinners on the patio, without all the bugs
BBQ Salmon
Trips to the mountains for a day of fresh air

Stephanie said...

Summer means taking a break from teaching my kids school... (which I love, by the way) But, we are all glad for summer break!

Shilo said...

Cut green grass, raspberries, fresh peach cream pie, and summer rain.
I hope you have a wonderful visit back to the your sending country!
Many blessings,

Grammy said...

Living on the Equator, every thing is always the same...So I go for..
The sun staying out till 8:30pm...
Cherries definitely cherries...
Having the ocean be a place to get cooled down...
base ball games...
fire flies...

Tim and Susan said...

After living in cold, snowy Northern Japan for 11 years, summer means flowers, green trees and no coats finally after a long 6 month winter!!

As a child summer meant Bible camp.

This year on HA it means swimming in friend's pools, affordable yummy ice cream and playing in our grassy big yard.


Tim and Richelle said...

~ sipping ice tea by the side of the pool while watching kids play

~ raspberries

~ fireflies

~ walking barefoot in the grass

~ dandelions and daisies

~ camping and cook outs, roasting marshmellows and making smores


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