Monday, January 14, 2013

Spirit of God

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 01/14/13

My precious, “apostle” husband and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary when I took this picture at a small hotel in the South of Mauritius. More than rejoicing in so many years together as a married couple, our hearts were filled with gratitude for being in God’s service for that same amount of years. We remembered how His Spirit moved in our hearts, drew us to each other and also poured out in our hearts a passion for the islands. Today we are privileged to witness Him at work in and through us on this beautiful, yet needy little rock in the Indian Ocean. How humbling too when we sense the truth of the words of that old song – “All over the world His Spirit is moving...” as a reality right here in our midst. It may be in small ways, and feel so slow at times, but our God is great!!! 

We'd love to see your corner of the world and the people who live please consider submitting your photo (jpeg, at least 600px x 400px) and verse (not on the photo) to:

photographer: Cecile Sander, Indian Ocean Islands. “I was raised on a sheep farm where Jesus was the center of family life. I gave my life to God at age 5; called to be a cross cultural missionary at age 19. Trained as a Biblical Counselor – see self as “Barnabee” (female of Barnabas). Find great joy in discipling women and seeing them grow into their full God-given potential. Served with my Pastor/Missionary/Church- planter husband in Lesotho; Madagascar; different parts of SA and now in the Indian Ocean again. We’re currently serving in a little English Evangelical congregation with nations from all over the world. I’m using my gift of hospitality to love and serve whomever the Lord sends to my door. As an empty nester and mom of two young adults living in another country, I still have a passion to pray for them regularly and inspire others to intercede especially for loved ones. I am growing in my gift of teaching and writing as I get opportunities. My life motto is to know God and to make Him known. What an awesome privilege to be co-worker with Christ!!!”

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