Monday, January 28, 2013

Prepare the Way

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 01/28/13

I took this picture during a journey to South Gobi desert area last November. I went with Mongolian leaders to share the Gospel and plant the churches.  This highway was made just to transfer coals from Mongolia to China. But God has allowed use to use this highway in the dessert to spread the Good News. During outreach, God allowed us to plant three new churches. Praise The Lord!

We'd love to see your corner of the world and the people who live please consider submitting your photo (jpeg, at least 600px x 400px) and verse (not on the photo) to:

photographer: Esther Yim, Mongolia. Esther has been a missionary to Mongolia with the Christian and Missionary Alliance since 2003


Karen said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful story and picture!

Meagan Fox said...

Glory to God, everything has a purpose even this way. He use this to reach out the souls of the people. To God all be the glory!

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