Monday, April 30, 2012

Deeper Still

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 4/30/12

In the northern region of Thailand, just 30 minutes from Burma and 35 minutes from Laos is a ministry called Deeper Still Ministries International. At the heart of Deeper Still is the knowledge that no matter how deeply we've been hurt, God is Deeper Still. No matter how deep our relationship with Him is, God is Deeper Still. No matter how deep our hunger is for more of His Presence, God is Deeper Still.

The young mother in the photo is an amazing worshiper and prayer warrior from the Lahu tribe. She is seeking hot after God and reflects the love of Christ through her eyes and her love for her daughter.

photographer: Julie Smude, Thailand. The Director of Deeper Still, Julie Smude, is a single-parent who knows how powerful and compassionate our God is. Throughout her life, He has performed miracle after miracle to get her to where she is today. For most of her life, Julie has lived below poverty, but knows without a doubt - that "No matter how deep the pit, God is deeper Still" (quote by Betsie TenBoom, The Hiding Place).

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