Monday, November 7, 2011

Creative and Colorful Creator

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 11/07/11

In June, my missionary family from "EurAsia" had a reunion. We all went to Germany for a time of refreshment, relaxation and rekindling of love for one another and those whom God has called us to serve. A time for sightseeing was also in the plan. Part of the team went to a bird park. It was a great adventure to be up close and personal with birds that otherwise would not be seen. There were birds from all around the world.

At the "parrot station," a parrot would walk up your arm and sit on your shoulder if you stretched your arm out to him. Some of the parrots were very crafty as they would either chew a shirt collar or purse strap. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the MKs be daring enough to allow a parrot to perch on them. Not all of the birds were photogenic so to catch some good shots made it all worthwhile.

I rejoice in the creativity of the Creator and the incredible color that He used in His creation. Parrots must really bring Him joy because their colors are so vibrant.

photographer: Jayne Russell, Ukraine. Jayne serves with SEND International in Ukraine and directs the Bachelor of Christian Education and Women's Ministry programs at Kremenchuk Regional Bible College.

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Alida said...

How beautiful! What incredible memories for the kids...and a cherished time of reunion for all.


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