Monday, April 18, 2011

Flowers Appear

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 04/18/11

On Sunday afternoons, I take my camera for a walk. It is part of my "resting." Resting for me comes in what brings joy to my heart. Photography is a hobby. Flowers are my favorite things to photograph. There are many wonderful gardens to photograph here. My "spiritual metaphor" is flowers and weeds. God uses nature to help me to see his full plan for my life. Flowers are things that I intentionally put in my life and cultivate to help me grow. Weeds are things that are in my life and often not by choice. Those weeds help me to grow as well and in different ways. One day the Master Gardener will cultivate the harvest in my life and separate the weeds from the flowers.

Jayne Russell, Ukraine. “I have been in Ukraine for eleven and half years with SEND International. For the past six and half years, I have taught at Kremenchuk Regional Bible College in Kremenchuk, Ukraine (4 hours south of Kiev). I teach and direct the Christian Education and Women's Ministry programs at the college. I designed the Women's Ministry program while in graduate school. We are finishing the first group this year as a two year program, Next year, we will enroll students for a Bachelor level (4 years) program in Women's Ministry and Educational Ministries. Students take the courses on a 'modular' basis so applying what they learn is always fresh.
I love what I do....though grading papers is the hardest part. As a single woman, I am thrilled to be able to serve God in this capacity. In my "spare" time, I do a craft class for the kids at church on Saturday mornings and sewing class in the afternoons. Twice per month, I host a cooking/baking class for young moms. They love the fellowship and new recipes. There is time for good discussion while whatever is cooking/baking, then we eat!”

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