Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Foretaste of Heaven!

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 12/27/10
It was a Sunday afternoon in November 2003. My husband, Jim, and I were driving back home to Nairobi from Tigoni in a tea-growing area just above the city. Even before we rounded the corner, we could hear people singing. Then we saw this colorful cluster of people spread out before us. We stopped the car to watch and just enjoy the public displays of faith in Jesus Christ among a local church congregation. They gathered at a wide place in a river, maybe not too different from where Jesus’ disciples baptized people in the Jordan. We didn’t want to disturb their sacred moment. What a delightful glimpse of the joy, the spiritual life and growth of the Body of Christ in Africa-- a foretaste of Heaven!

photographer: Sue De Vries, Kenya. "We worked with Africa Ministry Resources (now One Challenge) in Kenya until 2006, over 20 years, with a goal of building up the Body of Christ through encouraging and training rural pastors. Like the rich red soil in this photo, Africa has been such fertile soil for the Gospel. We love Africa, and raised our 3 daughters there. All three are now married and missionaries themselves."

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Linda said...

I'm delighted to see this photo for several reasons. First, I love the Kenyan people and I love their faith. Their faith made my faith grow. Second, I know the Tigoni area and the photo brings back wonderful memories. Third, I know Sue DeVries! I know she and her husband let God use them in abundant ways to encourage Kenyan Christians. "Well done, good and faithful servants!"

Linda Thomas


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