Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be Colorful

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 08/02/10

While Trujillo (where I live) is a beach town on the Pacific Coast, I also work in the mountain town of Cajamarca. My job is to wear many hats, one of which is Short Term Team Coordinator. I coordinate all of our teams that come to visit from the states. This photo was taken while I was in Cajamarca with a team of medical doctors. We were actually doing some "sightseeing" after a full day in a medical clinic and had just finished a hike through Cumbe Mayo when we came out by this house and I saw this lady walking by. She is on her way to tend to her one cow that was on a nearby hillside. I like the contrast of her bright and colorful dress next to the dullness of the home. It is a reminded me that as women, we always like to look our best . . . no matter where we are, we are really the same kind of different.

Alleen Mclain. "I serve in Trujillo, Peru working with Peru Mission (see www.perumission.org)."

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*Robin Jones Gunn, author of the Sisterchicks books, is in the house! Drop by the WOTH Writer's Blog and read her post today (8/3) . She'll be with us for two weeks and would love to meet you ~ really!

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