Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Winds of Change

[what's brewing: I'm gonna change it up]

I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately. If there is one element of life that seems to remain constant, it is the continually changing nature of things. Ironic, isn’t it? Just when I start to feel settled, or at least comfortable, in one area of life, things start to shift in another.

As the winds of change have been blowing in my life, I’ve had to sit and reevaluate many things. I feel a bit like Mary Poppins, actually – sensing a shift in the winds that are blowing through my life and knowing that change is looming in the air. It was the West Wind that eventually carried Mary Poppins away to new and unknown places. For me, it is the swiftly approaching due date of our first child, combined with the cumulative effect of changes in a number of different aspects of our life, that is carrying me away.

Ms. Poppins exuded much more confidence in the face of impending change than I have, but honestly I always found her matter-of-fact departure to be a bit insensitive—I don’t mind the emotional impact that change has on me. So yes, despite my confidence that the changing circumstances in my life are rightly carrying me away from this role, it is still difficult to tell you, my readers and trusted companions, that Coffeegirl Confessions is coming to a close.

After a year and a half of confiding in you many of my experiences, dilemmas, dismays and delights in this cross-cultural adventure, my chest tightens and my throat begins to ache when I consider the size of the canyon that will be left when our weekly coffee chats come to an end.

But I am also reminded that as a result of this year and a half of my weekly confessions and the dialogue they have created, the expanse before us looks very different now than it did when we began. Slowly but surely we have bonded together as a community of bloggers (in fact, several new Coffeegirl Regulars have just joined us in the past week or two, and their enthusiasm created pangs of guilt for me as this change has been pending…).

We have learned from one another and we have connected on shared common experiences that run deeper than denominations or global localities. There are now 66 of you on the Blog Roll who have opened the doors for other readers to step into your world and walk alongside you. As I step back from my work as Coffeegirl and begin to navigate the waters of motherhood, I know I will continue to benefit from the writing you all do on your personal blogs as I click in to see what you’re saying and learn from your insights and experiences.

And it is my hope and prayer that you all will do the same – that the words of “Who’s Coffeegirl?” (see blog sidebar) will ring true and you’ll see that there is a piece of Coffeegirl Confessions in every woman who has served outside her home culture. There is so much we can learn, so much we can gain, and so much we can give to one another beyond the confines of this blog, for you all are the ones who have given this blog life.

This isn’t goodbye just yet – it’s just another confession. I’m being carried away by the winds of change, but you won’t be left on your own. The winds of change are blowing at Women of the Harvest too, so keep coming back to hear more about what’s coming next…

[Editor’s note: Coffeegirl’s last column will be posted on November 3…sniff, sniff]


junglewife said...

We will miss you, Coffeegirl! I have been privileged to read your blogs since the very beginning. I have always appreciated what you have had to say, and the discussions that have ensued. Blessings to you as you embark on motherhood!

Melissa said...

I've also been reading your blog since the very beginning, and it's been great to read your thoughts. I have appreciated your thoughts and way of sharing. Motherhood is a wonderful blessing, and I wish you the best as you continue to experience the changes of life!

Shilo said...

I didn't realize you were expecting!!!! What WONDERFUL news. So happy for you!
We'll miss you, but no guilt, sister! God uses us all at different times and places and we trust the wisdom He has given you to know that this is the season for something different! Many blessings!

a56piano said...

I know what you mean about the winds of change! You really hit the nail on the head. I have just gotten started with coffegirl - and i am enjoying it tremendously. May I make a suggestion? Someone else might take up the blog under this name. You can change the administrative rights to allow another blogger - and so if you occasionally want to post something, you still could... or maybe take turns. I think this forum is so valuable to us - sort of comforting like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning. (make mine a double latte, fat free, no foam, extra hot.)

So... coffee girl.. & Editor - what thinkest ye?

a56piano said...

By the way... I just finally figured out how to get added to your blogroll. (ahem) my blog is www.agapesantos.wordpress.com and my first name is Laura!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Laura. As much as I understand your need to move on and I completely respect it - I also have found that I look forward to my Tuesday read and it's been a thing of comfort since arriving to the field in March. Could somebody else write in your stead? It's just been such a blessing; I hate to see it end completely.

Many blessings to you and your new little one, though! And thanks a million for opening your heart with us. It's meant more than you will probably ever realize.
-Lisa B.

Women of the Harvest Blogs said...

Dear Beloved CG Women...absolutely, Women of the Harvest will continue to offer this community a place to come with a new blogger who will have the same flair in drawing together women in cross-cultural service. The CG blogspot will stay intact, but there are some fun changes ahead that will be announced on November 3. Great things happen on this blog every week and we pray that it will continue--that is our hope!
Your friend,
Cindy Blomquist, Editor
Women of the Harvest

Ellie said...

Thanks Cindy! Looking forward to what you have up your sleeve next!

And Coffee girl - congratulations! We'll let you go with one condition - baby pictures! We need to see the new coffee bean. Please?

Michelle Kiprop said...

I've followed CG on google reader. So I'm not always in on all the comments; but have truly enjoyed your insights. I've been on the field for just two years myself so it's been great to join you in this journey. Many blessings as you move into this next phase of life! I'd love to be added to the blog roll www.momentswithmichelle.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that! I was just about ready to reengage with the Coffeegirl community after a longer internet absence.
I can empathize with your remarks about change and hope to write a blog about it. It has been very liberating for me to discover why change is so difficult for me - I am HSP - but this is another blog entry. ;-)
Blessings on you as you move into the new season!

kimom said...

Thank you CG for walking through this race with us! And thank you to WOTH (Cindy) for whatever is coming next! I would hate to close up shop entirely, as I've really loved this blog (and the connections therein). If writing the occasional article would help, I'm game. All the best CG with motherhood! You will do great! Children are such a blessing and a heritage from the Lord. Grace for your new adventure with 'coffee bean' =) from Congo,

Barb said...

Thank you Coffeegirl for sharing your heart with us over the past many months. I am excited with you as you become a mother. May God bless you abundantly. Treasure the moments as the days/years go by so quickly.

Grammy said...

thank you so much you got me through a year of language school and the 1st 6 mo in country, as the mother of 3 and the grammy of 9 enjoy the new breeze!!!

Kristy said...

Thank you so much for the time you have taken to do this blog and the wonderful way you have brought clarity to issues each of us have been working through in our own way on the field. I arrived on the field, my first term as a married woman, just about when you started the blog, so this has been a wonderful and refreshing place to come for me. I wish you so much joy as your little one arrives soon. We are in the midst of adopting and are hoping to add a child to our family sometime in 2010.


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