Monday, October 12, 2009

Coffeegirl Challenge #6 - Tribute to Seasons

[what's brewing: a global perspective]

As the seasons are shifting around the globe, 5 Coffeegirl readers have given us a glimpse of the scenery in their part of the world.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee in true Coffeegirl fashion,
enjoy the global variety represented in their photographs,
leave a comment telling us about the scenery in your part of the world,
and be sure to VOTE for your favorite photograph before jumping into the reality that awaits you!

The poll closes next Monday, October 19 at 9am Mountain Standard Time (2 hours behind Eastern Time) so tell your friends and family to get out and vote before then. The winner will be announced next Tuesday, and I'm sure she'll be eager to claim her gift card to Amazon, iTunes or Shutterfly - wouldn't you be too?! And now...

A Tribute to Seasons Around the World:

Tribute #1 - Harvest Festival in the desert in western Mongolia
by Michelle

Tribute #2 - An afternoon of flower planting to celebrate the arrival of spring!
by Lisa B., Peru

Tribute #3 - Pecan Tree: pecans are in season as fall arrives...this state produces 70% of Mexico's entire pecan crop!
by Becky A., Mexico

Tribute #4 - The rice harvest in the city
by MCS, Sendai, Japan

Tribute #5 - Australian Wattle
by Wendy M., on home assignment from Japan


Josh and Kelly said...

What gorgeous photos! I love fall and am soaking up every bit of it as we enjoy our first home assignment before leaving for Uganda (where they only have two seasons). My favorite thing about fall is the colors and scents. Everything is so rich and glorious! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

I LOVE Fall, but the "best" I can do is put up decorations in my house - living in a rain forest country can have it's seasonal "failings". No Fall colors here, just a change from hot and dry to hot and rainy :-) Thanks for sharing a taste around the world :-)

Anonymous said...

Fall here means the beginning of the corn harvest - so there are fresh elotes (field corn on the cob), sometimes ongos (mushrooms) grow on the corn plants and they are edible. We also see the large orange squash (pumpkin) flowers for sale (to be eaten, of course)!
The pictures were all great- i love the canned goods, the planting of spring, the harvest of the fall. And the wattle - it reminds me of japanese floral art (before i even saw the inscription, imagin). But I voted for pecan tree- a lot of my history includes pecans or pecan trees... and here folks are passing by selling small bags of whole pecans. You see, we are in mexcio too!

Shan in Japan said...

I am on home assignment right now in the US so was looking forward to the changing colors and watching the corn and soy bean harvest. However, we got a surprise snow this week and now fall is all mixed up.
I love the feeling of the weather cooling off and all of the colors of fall. This year I am enjoying the fruits of my sister's labor in her garden with fresh veggies and homemade tomato sauce. I am also getting to enjoy the rituals of American football games and homecoming parades.
Thank you to the rice harvest picture submitter, makes me long for Japan and nashi and persimmon!

Becky said...

I vote for Lisa B.'s spring photo! What a fun challenge!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Seeing photo #1 brought me back to the few years I lived in Central Asia... I love that! I could just imagine the scene, the sounds, the smells... the Cyrillic sign. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Koop Tribe said...

We just moved to Hong Kong, and I am indeed missing my most favorite season of all, and all the things that go with it like cozy sweaters, turkey meals, pumpkin pie, the amazing display of leaves turning color. So reading this has made me think of what I can do to embrace fall here in my new home.

Jamie Wright said...

I so so so miss the changing of the seasons! I LOVED this challenge as it made me look for the fall colors I've been longing for and I was delighted to found them nestled in among the endless green of Costa Rica.
Super cute pics!! Great job, girls!
I'd love to be included in the CC blog roll:

Anonymous said...

I vote for #2 :)

Terri :o) said...

I vote for the pecan tree.


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