Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To the Victor...

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To all of our Field Day participants, I hope you heard the applause and cheers from the sidelines as I and many others soaked up the beauty of your work. The series of photographs stirred a deep sense of joy within me and I’ve returned many times this week to look at them again and again. And Kristy, your words were so well timed with the 4th of July sentiments that were brewing in our hearts and minds last week as we are scattered around the world. Thank you also to Lisa for writing in the 100 Word Dash:

One 4th of July we sailed out to Catalina Island on my uncle’s boat with our whole family. I remember getting sea sick but loving the wind in my face. I was about seven or eight. We dove off the boat into the harbor to swim and ate sweet cold watermelon (even though I had dropped it and made it crack). We walked into the town and bought our own sparklers to light later. That night we watched the sky fill with beautiful colors reflected off the ocean from the fireworks overhead. It was a great time with my family.

The year my sister graduated from high school, we went as a family, with my grandparents, to Prince Edward Island. This was the first time we'd ever vacationed with my grandparents. We rented a house and stayed all together. My father let each of us choose an activity we wanted to do. So, my sister chose Anne of Green Gables' house, my brother and my dad went deep sea fishing, and my dad and I went horseback riding on the beach. It was the best vacation we ever had as a family!

Well done, and thank you for participating!

The randomly selected winner from our Field Day is Barb, who submitted the photo: Cambodian Waterhole. Congratulations! Please email Cindy Blomquist, Editor and Creative Director at WOTH, to claim your prize.

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Barb said...

Wow! Thank you so much! I have a great time taking pictures around Asia where we do ministry work. I do appreciate this blog even if I'm not commenting very often. Thanks again.


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