Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Find the Connection

[what's brewing: a nice Asian blend]

Find the connection between these items:

worshipping in English with other believers

shared cultural context for conversations

yummy treats from the US


prayer with other women


fingernail polish

thoughtful gifts from home

links to helpful resources for cross-cultural women

If you’re thinking, “All of these have been mentioned by CG on this blog,” you’re right.

But if you add to this list:

a haircut from a professional stylist who speaks English

an hour long pedicure

teaching from God’s word each morning

meeting with professional counselors

rest and relaxation

free time (do you remember what this is?!)

a 3-night, all-expense paid stay at a lovely hotel

Then the connection most certainly has to be:

a Women of the Harvest Retreat!

As we speak, 50 women in cross-cultural service are gathered in Thailand for the 2009 Spring Retreat. Another group of 50 women have now left to return home after their retreat experience over the weekend. My description above of the WOTH retreat falls short of the stories told in the facial expressions and quotes from the ladies at the retreat.

If you have never been to a WOTH retreat, I pray you will get to go soon. (Visit the WOTH website for the latest dates and locations for international and furlough retreats.)

If you have been to a WOTH retreat, tell us about it! What was the best part? What is your lasting memory of the experience?

Whether you’ve already been or will attend in the future, join me in praying for our dear sisters in Christ who are experiencing this special treat, a physical reminder of God’s lavish love for each one of us.

Editor's Note: WOTH is WOC on the blog due to security reasons


Julie said...

Sounds like heaven on earth. Too bad there aren't any upcoming conferences in South America!

Please add me to your blogroll:


Barb said...

I think doing the photo contest was a neat idea. It helped us share the site with others too. Please add me to your blogroll

Cindy said...

Right now a retreat sounds...


maybe one day

Amanda Fosburg said...

A combination of my love for coffee, books and missions in Asia? I'm so glad I stumbled across this blog!

Please add me to your blogroll:

Becky Aguirre said...

I have never been to a WOTH retreat, but would jump at the chance to go! It sounds like a wonderful thing!

Chantelle said...

My mother-in-law (also a missionary) and I have talked about going to the 2010 retreat when it is in Africa somewhere. Hopefully we can make it work. I would love it!

janet said...

I so wish I could have joined my friend, Sandi, who was the speaker in Thailand in February! Maybe next time!

Please add me to your blogroll.


Ashley L. said...

I just heard about your retreats a couple of months ago for the first time. WOW! We will be on furlough and I am hoping so much to be able to attend the one in Colorado.It sounds amazing!

Coffeegirl said...

I sure hope you get to go, Ashley! Do whatever it takes to get there - you won't regret it. Promise. : )


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