Monday, February 16, 2009

Coffeegirl Challenge #3 -- Painted Red

[what's brewing: something thick with meaning and color]

Get red-y, get's time to vote on your favorite "Painted Red" photo. They are beautiful and global, a great montage of the creativity that represents the Coffeegirl spirit! Vote on your favorite in the top right sidebar. And as usual, get your friends to vote for you too! The winner will be announced next Tuesday and will win a $15 iTunes gift card.

Give a listen to our theme song for this challenge, Painted Red by JJ through the link for a special CG/WOTH discount!

Red #1:This is a shot overlooking the town where we live in Spain. Note all the houses are virtually identical brick, but there is one house where the owners decided to be different.

Red #2: Red fall leaves, Latvia

Red #3: Precious child, Asia

Red #4: Here's a photo of our new red helicopter that we dedicated for God's use in Cameroon, Africa. You can see our reflection in the window.

Red #5: Peru

Red #6: Red dress; this is such a beautiful little girl that I teach in Sunday School and she often wears this red dress to church.

Red #7: Praying at kids' club

Red #8: I love the idea that life (the apples) seems to continue in spite of harsh conditions, Latvia.

Red #9: Niger

Red #10: Mali

Red #11: Bottle Brush tree, Paraguay. My toddler loves to pick these flowers up from the ground and touch them to his face.

Red #12: Italy

Red #13: Flovia. She is three-years-old, HIV+ and almost died of malnourishment last year. She is now thriving in an adoptive family.

Red #14: Working women, Congo

Red #15: When I first arrived in Tokyo I wouldn't have seen the beauty in this shot, now that I'm getting ready to move to another city in Japan, well, my perspective has changed.


Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Wow! How can I choose? They are all amazing photos!

Becky Aguirre said...

They are all so beautiful! Wow!

SkyWriting said...

#12! No questions.

Chad Watson said...


Libby said...

Everyone has such amazing pictures!!

Belinda Chaplin said...

They are lovely
I would love to be a regular
Belinda in Bosnia!

Anonymous said...

Lots of beautiful photos! But why is there an English sign on the cherries if the photo was taken in Italy?

Anonymous said...

...piazza by the Spanish steps...

Missionary in ITALY

Krystal Z said...

Thank you for doing this! It was a perfect time to focus on the beauty around me in the drudge of winter blues! Amazing photos!

jennannej said...

I love the red theme! What a wonderful idea.

stephanie garcia said...

These are gorgeous! I have to choose the photo from Niger. But they are all wonderful!!

LauraAnn said...



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