Monday, February 25, 2013

Quench My Thirst

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 02/25/13

There are essentially two seasons in Nicaragua (Central America) -- Dry Season and Rainy Season.  The rain comes almost as if on cue during the month of May.  The last month before the rains come is the hottest month out of the entire year.  Everything is begging from within its core for rain.  Once the rain starts, it almost seems that overnight the landscape is transformed from dry, dusty and brown to glistening, green and lush!   

I believe that there are times when we feel dry, dusty and thirsting for nourishment.  Like the rain that comes to quench the dry earth, God provides thirst quenching nourishment through His Word.   Thankfully, no matter what day, month or season it is...God's Word is always available to be poured into our thirsty souls.

We'd love to see your corner of the world and the people who live please consider submitting your photo (jpeg, at least 600px x 400px) and verse (not on the photo) to:

photographer: Bethany Bracht, Nicaragua.  Bethany is a wife, mother and friend living as disciple of Christ in Managua, Nicaragua where she and her family seek to serve and obey God in whatever ways He asks.

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