Monday, February 13, 2012

Heavenly Hugs

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 2/13/12

I have the blessings of many hugs in our ministry. We live in a rural area of Bolivia where we teach practical skills to underprivileged children, while reaching them for Christ. This picture was taken when I went to the local government school to register these precious children for our computer classes; they blessed me with heavenly hugs.

Often we are asked what we miss most from home; that’s easy, family and friends. Our granddaughter recently celebrated her eighth birthday; we missed the party and hugs. But, there is a heavenly hug available. It travels through the heavens and comes out through a phone or a computer. We are blessed by the technology we have available to us today. Before the Internet, we got mail once a month and rarely made a phone call. Now we are blessed to have instant communication daily.

God has blessed me with a ministry of physical heavenly hugs from children every day, and ethereal heavenly hugs from across the miles often. Even when I miss a birthday party, I am content where He has me. He is my refuge, under His Everlasting Arms of heavenly hugs.

submitted by: Peggy Cunningham, Bolivia. You can connect with Peggy on her blog,

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