Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Headed Home

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 01/17/11

The story behind the picture of the laundry lady... she was coming back from the river and was WAY up on the plains, far from the source of water. So she had to have tugged that load a long way, and she had extra water for home too! We were coming home from a long exhausting trip, full of meetings, appointments, and harrowing shopping forays, all the extras that go with being away from home. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself sitting in my comfortable Landrover when we saw her. Talk about getting a knot jerked in your tail!

Vera Steury, Kenya. "My husband and I have been in Kenya now for 24 years. We work with the Maasai tribe in a remote area of Kenya. We do community-based health care (immunizations, HIV/AIDS counseling, clean water projects). I teach Sunday School, homeschool my own kids, and run a small guest house. My husband was born in Kenya as a missionary kid. All three of our children were also.
"My update? Well, I finally started a blog (www.Steuryngs.blogspot.com). It's stories of experiences we've had all these years. I just wanted a forum to tell those stories. We put out a prayer letter, and that tells how our ministry is going, and our mission has a page for each of its missionaries, so I didn't want it to be that repeated. I am also starting a Bible study for a gaggle of 'house maids"-- girls about 12-13 years old who kind of get lost in the shuffle of life out here. So that's pretty interesting shuttling back and forth between three languages! I am just starting a book called Abba's Child by Brennan Manning. I'm only on chapter 2, but want to re-read it already!

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Linda said...

I love your photo and your accompanying story. Thanks for sharing it. I tried the link to your blog but it didn't work. Any advice? I really look forward to your stories!



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