Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good for Your Soul: List 5 Things

Could you list 5 things that are good for your soul? In the current issue of the WOTH onlineMagazine, author Shelley Merritt listed 23 in her article, "Good for the Soul."

Here's an excerpt:

Several winters ago, we had a new puppy named Cisco. He of course needed to be taken outside every couple of hours, regardless of the weather. I remember taking that cute bundle of black fur out to our backyard at night. It was so very cold! I remember my feet crunching on the icy snow, Cisco gingerly exploring the ground, sniffing here and there. I remember every night looking up at the myriad of stars above—for some reason, the stars always seem extra bright and clear on cold winter nights. I remember feeling the frigid air fill my lungs and then seeing my breath vapor, white in the black night. It was so still, so quiet. Somehow the greatness and nearness of God seemed to be in the very air about me.

I remember thinking, This is good for the soul.

What's good for your soul? In the comment section, let's get to know one another better and list 5 things that are good for your soul in the place you are living now...

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 3/22/10

I went to Canada on a youth group trip. Every year, they shove 30-40 people on a Greyhound bus, and we drive all day, all night, and all through the next day—with a couple gas station stops and one stop at the Edmonton Mall. Once we got to the camp, everyone shared their testimonies and were challenged in their faith, physically or mentally.

There were two things that God pointed out to me on this trip. The first was that I have friends. I had never really ever connected in a youth group; so, going on a nine-day trip with people I didn’t know every well was a step out of my box. And the second thing that God showed me while I was in Canada was that through the Rocky Mountains, through the simple beauty of a flower or through the crystal aquamarine color of the sun setting over huge basin of glacier water, He showed me the true deep love He has for each and every one of us. On the way back, we stopped in Banff National Park at Lake Louise. This is one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen and I truly felt God’s love there, with all the beauty standing before me.

Photographer: Kelsey Lane, 15 year-old student from Littleton, Colorado.


Carrie said...

1. A cool breeze on a hot summer day

2. Hugs from Gypsy children

3. A good book and a roaring woodstove on a snowy evening.

4. Cherry blossoms

5. Goosbumps during a church meeting.

Stephanie said...

1. A good, long conversation about the heart with a friend.
2. An uninterrupted nap.
3. A cup of coffee and an encourging book... a long moment to sit, alone and read quietly.
4. Laughing about something very silly and random with my kids.
5. A walk along the water's edge.

Grammy said...

please add me to the blog roll

Women of the Harvest Blogs said...

@Carrie and Stephanie: I enjoyed reading your lists...thanks for taking the time to do it. I have to say that opening up to the blog and finding comments is "good for my soul." Really. After every WOTH post, whether I'm writing it or not, I'm always wondering if anybody is out there.

@Grammy: Got you listed on the blogroll.
Have a great week, Coffeegirls.


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