Tuesday, February 16, 2010

STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: Picture Praise, 2/15/10

Two days of preparations and passing over a road that usually only donkeys and slightly insane jeep drivers would attempt, our truck-- full of building supplies and excitement for the school-- was halted by two massive mud slides. We were greeted with our students running up the mountain, beaming from ear to ear and dressed in their finest. A “little” 5 foot wall of mud and 300 lbs. logs were not going to put a hindrance on their day of celebration! What a joy to see perseverance at its finest!

Photographer: Jennifer Lindgren, USA. "I was down working with indigenous communities of Ecuador during the summer of 2007. I was blessed to work with so many wise and passionate advocates for the education and future of children, including the children themselves."

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*Retreats: Announcing the 2010 Fall Retreat in Goa, India--October 24-27 and October 28-31. Registration opens up on April 1 (no foolin'). For all the glorious details, click here.

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