Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just as we are

[what's brewing: your aromatic words]

flexible, reliant, with a sense of humor,
prayerful, dependent, born of Light,
creative, diligent,
part of a community of faith,
filled with perseverance.

love and courage, hope and prayer, faith and patience,

laughter and tears, strength in weakness, loneliness and godliness,

clear purpose and yet difficult, unclear paths to get there.

language barriers to leap over, and cultural barriers to learn,

families in 2 parts of the world.





churches (or more),

groups of friends,

sets of clothes,

of so many important parts of our lives.



who is everywhere and unchanging.

a huge need to have Christ be our everything

hands that cling to God and His Word,
a heart that aches for those dying without Christ who will probably never hear.

beautiful feet

as I struggle to share in a tongue not my own of God's grace and hope;
legs and arms

that seek to serve my family and live out my relationship with God

in a way others know He is real.

whatever can fit into a suitcase

simplicity and a willingness to let go of things

lots of tears

flesh and blood...

real people with real struggles, real pain, real frustrations...

and real joys!

We are nothing more special,

nothing more note worthy,

nothing more unique

than any woman created by God;

just a "hand" or a "foot" in the body of Christ.

real people who need a really reliable God.

Amen, and thank you for your words.


canadasue said...

Next week I will be facilitating a Bible study at a teacher's retreat here in Cambodia... I would like to open the the conversation around Hebrews 13 with your words...

Tim and Susan said...

What a neat way to put all our thoughts together!

Ashley L. said...

I love this. Thanks you so much for sharing it.

Duane and Carin said...

Your words are so true, especially that we are no different than any other women!


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