Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coffeegirl Challenge #4

[what's brewing: "5 Things About Me"]

If you have a Facebook account, you most likely saw a swarm of postings crop up from among your friends a couple of months ago titled “25 Things About Me.” These were simply lists of 25 random things about oneself – facts, habits, goals, dreams, quirks, fears, etc. I learned a lot about my friends through their lists. In fact, I was surprised to hear some of the things that were posted in their lists that I’m fairly certain would never have come up in the course of normal conversation, no matter how much time we would spend together.

Naturally this got me thinking about us, the Coffeegirl café patrons, and the things we would never think to share about ourselves on our blogs. Thus, I propose a week long list exchange here on Coffeegirl Confessions.

Need a little motivation?

Coffeegirl Challenge #4

Simply by leaving one comment with your list will earn you one entry into a drawing for a $25 gift card to your choice of iTunes, Amazon or Shutterfly.

The winner will be announced in next week’s posting. Comments must be received before Monday, April 27 at 12:00pm, Mountain Time USA when the drawing will be held at the WOTH headquarters.

I’ll get us started with "5 Things About Me" and then it’s up to you…

5 Things About Me

1. If I had to choose just one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would most likely be mashed potatoes.
2. I sometimes wonder when I outgrew the decision to have a Funfetti birthday cake and if it’s too late to go back.
3. Few things in life can force people to bond faster than international food-induced stomach problems. My knowledge of this issue began on my first missions trip to Mexico as a high school student – oh, the memories.
4. I get little cuts inside my nose that not only irritate me, but have caused me great embarrassment when scratching at them while I thought no one else could see me.
5. One of the simple pleasures I miss about the US is the freedom to listen to my iPod in public without fearing for my safety.

Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

Too funny... mashed potatoes would be my food choice too, can't get enough of them!

Here's my list:
1. I like to go barefoot or wear flip flops... my feet are claustrophobic!
2. I got to stand on the 100% line for a total solar eclipse... absolutely awesome!
3. I am a nurse but am freaked out by bones... I wouldn't even go near them in my anatomy class.
4. I LOVE that our God transcends all cultures and languages to meet us, instead of us having to learn the 'right' language to commune with Him.
5. Need research done? Just call me! I love doing research - just don't ask me to write a report on it! :O)


Angela said...

This is a great idea!

Here's my list:
1. I'm terrified of frogs and toads. It's my only phobia. Once a frog hopped on my foot -- it felt just as repulsive as I imagined it would. Thankfully, none of the neighbors were out to see me run screaming back into my house.
2. I love to read and usually have 5 or 6 books going at the same time.
3. Once during a very dark time in my life, I asked God what He calls me. I have His name for me tattooed on my right shoulder in Hebrew. (It's a secret!)
4. One of my favorite things to do is hang out with a good friend.
5. I enjoy making bread from scratch -- especially the kneading part. My mom taught me how when I was 9 and when I make it, it brings back lots of good memories.

Laura said...

I had (leftover) garlic mashed potatoes for lunch - very yummy!

1. When I was a missionary I ate peanut butter all the time, even though I still lived in Canada. I don't crave it nearly as often anymore.
2. I love to write. I'm curious to see how God's going to use that gift/passion in the coming months and years.
3. I'm not someone who likes to do stuff - I'd much rather sit and chat over a cup of tea!
4. I love plants. I currently have around 20 different potted plants (my former roommates called it my jungle).
5. I absolutely love to read missionary updates. Though it bugs me to no end when people only talk about what they are doing, and don't share both their joys and struggles.

Tim and Michelle said...

1. I used to love to go hiking, but don't do it much now with little kids. I loved hiking a 17, 500 foot mountain and doing a 3 day Inca Trail hike.
2. I've always wanted to visit Africa
3. I really do not do well with change, but have never lived in the same house for more than 3 years. In our 8 years of marriage, we've moved 8 times, many times across states or countries!
4. I'm a third generation mk
5. My favorite description of God is my "rock"...who doesn't change!

Holm said...

Here's my list
1. I have three sisters and we all live in different countries from each other.
2. I love to be surrounded by people from lots of different cultures.
3. I love to walk and would rather walk a mile than parallel park my car.
4. I love drinking hot tea no matter how hot of a day it is.
5. I hate frogs and shortly after we were married refused to use a bathroom because a frog was in there. My husband looked at me sadly and said "I thought I married an mk!"

~K~ said...

This is cool!
My list:

1. I have to clean up my area before I start working. I cannot work on a cluttered table, desk or counter!

2. I'm fascinated by the weather. I'm always looking outside to see what the sky looks like, and I check weather.com regularly!

3. I'd rather have a home-cooked meal than go out to eat. But if I go out, I like Chinese or Mexican!

4. My feet are always cold. (I have two pairs of socks on right now, including my slippers.)

5. I'd rather write than talk, but I'd rather talk than use text on the cell phone! :-)

Amanda Fosburg said...

This is fun::

1. I have a pretty intense fear of water. It's completely irrational, and I know it.
2. I write a lot of poetry. Some have won awards. A lot of people I know don't even realize that I write.
3. I live in same pair of Converse All-Stars and Vans slip-ons day to day and yet...I am addicted to shoes. I want to buy them all the time...I don't. But I want to.
4. I am graduating college next year with a degree in advertising with no intentions of going into advertising. It's amazing how your plans change when God steps in :)
5. I used to be allergic to my body temperature dropping...

Libby said...

Mmmm! Mashed potatoes!! Love 'em made into potato pancakes too!

My list:
1. I am SCARED of snakes! I can hardly stand to even look at one in a book or on tv without later having nightmares about them. (shiver)
2. I love to get nice and dirty digging in the garden or working on a home-improvement project, but I also love to dress up for something special and be very girly.
3. I love corn...in just about any form.
4. Finding patterns or pictures in things is something a do a lot. In the clouds, chipped paint on the wall, stains, scribbles,etc.
5. Joshua 1:9 is my favorite verse!

junglewife said...

This is fun to read everyone else's comments. And 5 things is much more "do-able" than 25, I think!

1. I often have huge bruises show up on my legs... and I have no idea where they came from!

2. I am not a picky eater - I will try just about anything. But I can't stand olives, much to the chagrin of my Italian-background hubby!

3. I like math. Yes, you can hate me now :-)

4. I love all things crafty: scrapbooking, card making, cross stich, sewing, kniting, etc. Bring it on!

5. I used to have a Nike-swoosh-shaped scar on my left index finger. And then I cut my finger again. Now it's shaped like an "X"! Yes, I am accident-prone!

Alan & Beth McManus said...

I have been enjoying all the lists! Here's mine:

1. Cockroaches creep me out. I can kill any bug (scorpions, spiders, wiggly things, etc.), but cockroaches give me the shivers.

2. I am a math teacher by trade, but math was my worst subject. (I'm a better teacher for it.)

3. I also am a 3rd generation MK.

4. I have lived in 8 different countries (have visited 11) and have lived in 8 different U.S. states (have visited 48) and attended 10 different schools by the end of high school.

5. I love fall and rainy seasons the best, depending on where I am at the time.

Becky Aguirre said...

I don't actually do a lot of the things on Facebook, but I really enjoyed the "25 Things"! :) And hey, a 25$ GC is motivation enough! LOL!

1. I come from a missionary family...Mom (& stepdad) and two of my four sisters are also currently in overseas ministry.

2. I agree with you Libby, finding shapes, patterns, and pictures in clouds, popcorn, all kinds of things is something I do, too! Much to DH's amusement...

3. Becoming a mother has been one of the greatest challenges in my life...I currently have four children ages 1 1/2 to 8! God is using my family to refine me!

4. Love, love, love to read! I'll even read food labels if I'm desperate...guess my brain needs continuous information input?

5. I recently started painting with acrylics after many years of believing I couldn't "paint", but really thinking that I would like to anyway! Not that I'm that good at it, but I've really enjoyed it so far! I would love to take lessons...

Donna Rudd said...

I didn't do this on Facebook, but this format seemed a little better to me.

1. I'm an RN, but my role on the mission field has me doing something entirely non-medical. And I'm loving it!
2. I have large birthmarks over most of my right arm. It helped me learn my right from my lefte when I was a little girl!
3. I'm not a multitasker. I'm a detail person who likes to do one task to the finish, then start on the next task.
4. Only MASHED potatoes? I love ordinary white potatoes cooked just about any way you can imagine. I even like them raw, but don't eat them much that way.
5. I'm from the southern U.S., but my accent kind of "hides" when I'm not in the south. It's not deliberate, it just happens. But when I get with my southern friends, the southern in me comes out!!

Kacie said...

Looks to me like mks and missionaries love your blog! :) I am one as well.

1) My mom was caught in a riot and our car was burned to a crisp - she and my sisters got out safely.

2) I work with refugees here in Dallas. It is both an amazing privalege and my connect with the non-American world.

3) I am addicted to Lost and American Idol, but I grew up without a TV.

4) I brush my teeth for extraordinarily long periods of time. My dentist told me to spend one minute on each of the four sections of teeth, and I almost take him seriously...

5) Sunsets still take my breath away - whether they are in Papua, Australia, Colorado, the beach of Chicago, or the highways of Dallas

Wendy said...

This is fun. How individual God has made us all!

1. I am Australian and proud of it.
2. I love to share my joys and struggles when I write our prayer letter and my blog. Superficial people and prayer letters bug me.
3. I hate pink. Good thing I have only boys.
4. One of my greatest disappointments is not being competent at the language in my host culture.
5.I love desk top publishing and writing newsletters.


Anonymous said...

I totally went did the 25 things when it was going around Facebook... but there was no prize for that one!!! :)

1. I love checklists. If I do something that wasn't on my list I usually add it so that I can check it off.

2. I hate tomato guts. I like tomatoes, just not the guts.

3. When my brothers, sister and I play 20 questions, the first one is always Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's. The second one is always, "that guy in Wendy's who was looking at us weird and spilled sauce on his shirt."

4. In college, I once wore a pink sheet as a dress to class. I can't remember why.

5. The first year we were married, I forgot my husband's birthday.

Brenda said...

1. I can't get through a day without coffee and I prefer twice a day, morning and afternoon.

2. I like to be reading at least 2 or 3 books at a time, it makes me sad to finish a book

3. I make decisions quickly and get easily frustrated with people who do not.

4. I dislike standing in lines. 20 years in Latin America has not cured me of that :)

5. I like city life.

Brenda said...

1. I can't get through a day without coffee and I prefer twice a day, morning and afternoon.

2. I like to be reading at least 2 or 3 books at a time, it makes me sad to finish a book

3. I make decisions quickly and get easily frustrated with people who do not.

4. I dislike standing in lines. 20 years in Latin America has not cured me of that :)

5. I like city life.

Chantelle said...

Great idea. I love learning about others. Here are my 5.

1. Here in Africa, my secret freezer stash of things sent in care packages or people's suitcases consists of bacon, chocolate chips, jelly belly beans, dried cranberries, smarties, coffee and 2 ham shoulder roasts.

2. I design and write a monthly newsletter on life in Niger.

3. As a kid I once lied to my parents and told them that my brother stabbed me in the eye with the scissors. Since they were looking at me and it obviously wasn’t true, I don’t know what I was thinking. In my family, that line is often still brought up and laughed over.

4. I’m a light sleeper and wear customs moulded ear plugs most nights to block out the frogs, crickets, neighbors and fans. Also works to block out snoring husbands, calls to prayer, etc. I highly recommend them.

5. I am learning a lot about beauty here. I came from a culture where beauty, appearance, clothing, fashion and makeup are very important. Here, I wear long skirts, no makeup and not exactly fashionable outfits (in my opinion at least). God is teaching me a lot about where to get my acceptance, to worry less about what other people think, and more about refining who I am on the inside to be beautiful like the women of Proverbs 31.


E. T. Tenna said...

great idea! ok, without reading everyone else's list, here goes:

1. I often eat popcorn for two of my weekend meals.

2. I wanted to be an astronaut for a while, and chose the name of the first woman astronaut in space for my Russian class name in high school.

3. I have a Creativity Room in the center of my apartment.

4. I frequently burn food, accidentally of course!

5. God has kept me in one field location for 18 years, through so many frustrating cultural adaptations, health issues, and spiritual battles; He is so awesome!


Ellie said...

I'd be happy with the mashed potatoes! It is what I will eat the most of at holidays much to my mom's confusion. And then there is scalloped potatoes, too.

Reading the lists was fun! We should put them up and sign under the ones which also apply to us.
I'd agree with hating tomato guts - yuck! I also get frustrated when people can't make decisions quickly, and math was my worst subject and I am currently teaching it.

So - my list:

1. I can't stand anything touching my face when I sleep. No matter how cold it is, nothing on my face! I also can't sleep without something over me. No matter how hot it got, I at least had the thinnest of sheets over me.

2. I love sweetened condensed milk. Don't know why - it just tastes good. I don't buy it until the day I need it for a recipe because I will eat it.

3. I once ran down a hall naked and screaming at a mission guest house because three cockroaches were climbing up my leg in the shower. One of my greatest things to be thankful for in my life was that the guest house was empty just then! (and, yes, I am a MK...)

4. I like housework - as long as it is in someone else's house, not my own. I'd be happiest if I had a friend who we just switched houses every morning to clean.

5. I'd love to settle down and stay in one place, but am afraid of what I would miss out on if I did.

Tammy said...

1. I like to eat soda crackers in bed while snuggled up with a good book.
2. I can't decide if I would rather visit Israel (to see where Jesus lived) or Egypt (to see the pyramids).
3. I hate being cold. I thought when we moved to Africa that I would never be cold again. But I was wrong. Winter here may not look so bad on the thermometer, but it feels just as cold because we live in a brick house without heat!
4. I wasn't quite sure how to answer the Kenyan beautician (who was cutting my hair) who asked me if I voted for Obama or not.
5. I am equally tired of second guessing decisions that we have made and of trying to predict the future. I am ready to put my confidence in God and walk by faith.

Julie said...

Love everyone's lists! Here are five things you’d never guess about me.

1. I’ve had stitches five times on my face. One time involved surfing in a bathtub, another was downhill skiing into the lift pole and another involved scissors and a sucker. Don’t ask.

2. But I’ve never broken a bone!

3. I have a pinky toe that plays tricks and makes my family and friends laugh.

4. I love sweettarts and smarties and would bribe them away from a child.

5. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life (because smarties would rot my teeth), I’d choose fish. Love it. But I live in a landlocked country with a rapidly shrinking supply of river fish...the sacrifices we make as missionaries!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

I just saw your blog. This is a great idea.

1. I am married to a Costarican and we are missionaries in Costa Rica.

2. I very afraid of spiders.

3. I love international foods.

4. I love carrying my baby. I have a regular baby carrier but want to get a wrap or mie tie type carrier to have my baby closer.

5. I love to cook and read and be outdoors.

jpierce said...

Hmmm. What to share?

1) I used to sing light opera kinds of music in college, but my secret desire has always been to sing the blues--really well!

2) People used to call me Spider Legs when I was in junior high because my legs were so skinny.

3) I am supremely happy when I'm outside working in the yard and really sweaty and dirty.

4) The ocean is one of the few places where I relax. Otherwise I'm always making lists and crossing things off of them.

5) As I get older I think more about meeting Jesus face to face, the marriage supper and what heaven will be like. How will it be to be absolutely free of sin and its ravages?

janet said...

My high-5! :)

1) I am redefining myself midlife and finding that I am an artist.
2) I can't cook. I'm so grateful that my husband can - and does! He can do it all - sushi, Thai, Indian, West African, you name it!!
3) I am addicted to colors - the brighter the better! My eye never grows tired of saturated, bold colors.
4) My life has been enriched by living with 42 college-age MKs from 34 different countries during the 8 years we were house parents @ Gatehouse. THAT's why my husband can cook just about ANY ethnic food imaginable! :)
5) I'm GRATEFUL for libraries, four seasons, and fresh garden berries I don't have to bleach!

ganbarimasho said...

1. I hate grocery shopping...it is even worse in japan.
2. I take great delight when I know my children have eaten well.
3. I am the oldest member on my team.
4. I love drinking coffee.
5. I wish I was a better mom.

Lori said...

1. I have wide short feet with squatty little toes, my sister called them Fred Flinstone feet.

2. I am obsessed with words, their meanings, their derivations etc. I love word games(scrabble, boggle, crosswords) and diagraming sentences. I love it when I find a word I don't know in something I am reading.

3. I used to be super ticklelish and I just decided to not be ticklelish and it worked.

4. Although I love words I am a horrible speller.

5. Right now my favorite food is fresh spinach.

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Here's my list:

1. I LOVE the ocean, but only while standing on the dry ground. Boats freak me out!
2. I rescued 2 Peace Corps workers during a riot in our city last year. They ate dinner with us and stayed the night at our house.
3. I also love to write and have probably one hundred pieces of paper tucked away, things I started but never finished.
4. I am a "miracles junkie". I love to see God work in impossible situations. Therefore, I get really excited about seemingly impossible things!
5. I have friends whose given names are name "payment" "punishment" "mister" and "miracle", only in portuguese.

Anonymous said...

1. I once thought I saw a lion on my front porch (I was 5.. it was a golden saint bernard)
2. I wonder what blessings I have missed because I wasn't listening to God at the moment.
3. I like things planned out and when plans fall through I get very disappointed.
4. I want to know God more every day.
5. I love mashed potatoes as long as they aren't instant! And gravy ruins them.....garlic makes them better.

See you're not the only one that loves mashed potatoes!

:) Susan

Lori said...

Here's mine:

1. I hate to grocery shop (in USA or JAPAN) but love to bake. (exception - I love shopping at farmer's markets.)
2. I love the process of exploring a new location through photography - but I rarely ever print the photos. (I want to but just don't take the time.)
3. I don't like that awkward starting point in relationships trying to make new friends - I much prefer developing existing ones deeper. (Yet, I'm getting lots of practice at the former as I've moved 3 times in the last 16 months!)
4. I get nervous when all the attention is on me, except when I'm in front of a classroom teaching.
5. I'm picky about what pen color I use. I can't stand writing with a blue pen. (Just give me a black or brown pen!)and I dislike correcting student's papers with red pen. (Give me a green!)

Donna said...

(I can't get my husband's gorilla picture to change...!)

Here's my list:
1. I loved scuba diving with my dad when I was in college, and I miss it now.
2. I love to read stories, and have even read most of the books my kids are supposed to read in their homeschool curriculum.
3. I miss having a mom. Parents' mistakes sometimes still hurt.
4. I love a good salad... and a good steak!
5. I would love to learn Arabic.

Shan in Japan said...

I love mashed potatoes, too! I agree, NO instant and gravy is unnecessary.

My list:
1) When I was in junior high I decided I wanted to go to Japan and have felt at home here since the first moment I stepped off the plane, even though I am 175 cm tall and have blonde hair and blue eyes and couldn't speak a lick of Japanese when I arrived.
2) I cheated on the Myers-Briggs test because I thought missionaries were supposed to be extroverts. I answered all the extrovert questions positively so I came out to be one!
3) I hate washing dishes. I often have to wash several days' worth at a time-probably good I am single, but if I weren't I could get other family members to do them like my mom did.
4) I love the ocean, listening to the waves, swimming, and am learning to like snorkeling even though I come from a landlocked state far, far from the ocean, or maybe because I come from there:)
5) I love chocolate, especially chocolate and peanut butter together, i.e. Reeses!

ASRicketts said...

I like potatoes prepared in every way except raw. Has anyone ever eaten potato candy? My mom makes it at Christmas time.

1. My middle toes are almost 1/2 inch longer than my first toes.
2. When I sing in English, I sing without an accent. But when I speak, I have a Southern accent. How Southern I speak depends on whom I am with.
3. I define my life based on 1999. My life and ministry before 1999 and my life after 1999 when I first moved to Japan as a missionary.
4. I can make authentic animal sounds which Japanese children easily guess when I teach English lessons about animals.
5. I usually get off the train one stop away from my house and walk 30 minutes so that I can get some exercise.

Phil and Pattie said...

What a fun idea...enjoyed reading everyone's lists. Thanks for doing this!

1. All four of our children have been born in different places...Joshua (9) was born in Chicago, Abby (7) was born in Iowa in the same hospital I was born in, Micah (5) was born in Arizona and Luke was born here in Mexico...his was by far the most "exciting" experience him being 7 weeks early and having to go by ambulance about 3 hours to the nearest hospital with a neonatal unit. God protected us both and he just turned one in January!
2. As I get older I am more honest about my flaws which is freeing in the sense that I can begin working on improving instead of trying so hard to conceal them.
3. Giordano's has the BEST Chicago style pizza...there is no doubt-if anyone tries to tell you differently, they are lying. And we could probably eat that forever too...sorry mashed potatoes!~:)
4. One of the hardest things about being here is the close friendships I miss TERRIBLY. Sometimes it feels like no matter how good my Spanish gets, there will always be a slight language barrier, holding back the type of friendships I have been blessed to have in the past.
5. I think it is absolutely AWESOME that God changes lives. He changed mine and I am continually amazed that He wants to use us, imperfect as we are, to be agents of change in this world so full of darkness. Being able to witness first hand families being healed, marriages restored, drug addicts and alcoholics finding freedom is such an incredible priveledge.

MoziEsmé said...

1. I always stay up too late - I'm really tired right now.
2. I do finance work in real life, but everything in me wants to be an artist. Alas, that takes talent.
3. I'm into eating frozen blueberries right now.
4. Some day I'd like to be a midwife. After I'm an artist. And then maybe a fireman?
5. I wish our lifetimes were longer. Someday...

Anonymous said...

Wow, when was it the last time we had so many comments?
I guess I am the odd one out - I would not mind if I never again ate mashed potatoes for the rest of my life. ;-)

OK, here is my little list:
1)I am introvert and dyslexic, so it feels like a joke that God called me into language work. I am embarrassed to admit that I speak 6 languages even if learning them was not always easy.
2)Ants in great numbers freaked me out as a child, and still do, but I have no problem eating termites grasshoppers, caterpillars and frogs.
3)I am a researcher at heart and developed my first questionnaire at age 14.
4)I love watching birds from close by but not with binoculars. Through Eldredge's book "Capitavating" I developed the idea to call them "Kisses from heaven". Watching them touches me at a deep level that I can't explain, similar to sunsets.
5)I am unable to travel without books, and not just my Bible. I usually bring along more books than I could ever read.

Tim and Richelle said...

Very interesting!
1. I used to watch the TV show "Eight is Enough" and remember thinking ~ "That family is crazy." Now that I have 8 of my own, I know that they were crazy, but wouldn't trade in a single one of my blessings.
2. God called me to be a missionary when I was only 5 years old. I always thought I'd go to Siberia or somewhere up in the mountains where there was lots of snow and cold. I was so surprised when He sent me to the desert and one of the hottest capital cities in the world.
3. I'm terrified of flying, kids sick with malaria and sharks.
4. I think it would be fun to be a storm chaser as I love windy, rainy, stormy and unpredictable weather. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that while growing up, our back yard was where the tornado spotters camped out to watch the clouds...
5. I was both the state all around champion in gymnastics and the high point competitor for my age group in swimming.

Michelle Kiprop said...

1. I used to think mosquito nets were exotic and romantic; that was before I had to sleep under one all the time!

2. I knew when I was 14 that God had called me to be a missionary. People waited for me to outgrow it, the thing is that you can't outgrow God and his calling.

3. When I was fifteen I made a commitment to never date someone who didn't plan to go into full time African missions. When people mentioned that I might not find someone I would jokingly say "Then I'll just marry an African".

4. Be careful what you joke about; I'm married to a Kenyan!

5. In the USA I worked as an RN in a Veteran's hospital caring mostly for adult men. I then worked as an FNP on skid row in Los Angeles again caring for mostly adult men. When I moved to Kenya I got put in charge of the prenatal and well-baby clinic. God certainly has a sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

1. I cannot tell left from right but have learned patterns that help me navigate, such as a left hand turn means that you are crossing the flow of traffic. You can only imagine how confused I am living in a country where cars are made with the steering wheel on the opposite side and they drive on the other side of the roads – the left side, I think.
2. I love the water and snorkelling in a coral reef is the most amazing experience. I feel like Nemo when I get caught in a current with hundreds of beautiful fish floating over the coral. It is magical.
3. I can be locked in a men’s prison in a third world country or spend a night in a filthy brothel that is crawling with bugs without fear, but am absolutely terrified of speaking in front of a crowd (defined as any more than three people)
4. As much as I love being a Mom, I think I get almost as much joy from seeing my son as a dad to his own children.
5. I love looking back over my life and seeing God’s hand in so many of the details that at the time seemed random, but in fact were there to shape me for God’s purpose.

tschiller said...

This is fun. Here's my list!
1. I commonly "shh" people when they are loud or annoying. It is a huge fault of mine, and a great annoyance to my unusually loud husband.
2. I am a gasper. If anything surprises me, I gasp loudly.
3. I am an all or nothing person. I'm either all for it, or could care less.
4. I love food variety. I can't eat the same thing within at least three weeks of having eaten it before. Well, except pizza. I love pizza.
5. I have a secret desire to be a singer in a band. Still wondering what that's all about.

tschiller said...

Wanted to be on your regulars list. Here is my blog url:

Susan said...

Hey, just wanted to say "HI" and share my blog too about surviving, no THRIVING missionary life. Hope it can be a blessing and look forward to connecting more via this blog!!

The Lowen family said...

1. I'm addicted to blogs. I love to read about other people and their lives. I'm trying to keep my addiction a secret. shhhh...
2.I used to hate my feet! But after getting my first pedicure at 40, and her tell me that I have the feet of a model.. I look at them totally differently.
3.I have trouble appreciating people who talk all the time. I wish that they would listen a little.
4.I'm learning to be flexible and to like change though becoming a missionary.
5.I love to walk and pray, I enjoy that so much better than sitting still.

Anonymous said...

1. I have a Canadian birth certificate, an American passport, and a Peruvian residency. Heaven is home.
2. I am scared to DEATH of spiders. When I get overtired, I have nightscares of them dropping from the ceiling or crawling across my pillow. I wake up screaming and after almost four years of marriage, my husband no longer cares.
3. When I was 7, I pulled my chair out to the middle of the room, stood on it, and announced to my family that I was going to be a missionary. When my husband asked my dad if he could marry me, my father's two pre-requisites were that he finish Bible school and that we go into missions because he knew I would never be content doing anything else. He was right.
4. I love fog. I can't wait for winter in Peru because everybody keeps telling me about how much fog there will be. I know someday I'll probably get sick of it, but not any time soon. Give me fog over a bright blue sky any day!
5. I love traveling and seeing the world, but my favorite place to be is always at home, in bed, with my husband and a good book. Always.


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