Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Roll Call!

[what's brewing: look who's on the menu...]

As much as I would like to say that I am a creative and artistic type of person, the reality is that I am not naturally that way. I always wondered if I would develop those gifts over time, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s most likely not going to happen if it hasn’t happened yet. (My friend Bethany says that everyone is an artist in their own way, so I can call myself an artist in an unconventional way. I like that.) I’m the type of person who enjoys creating things, but has to copy someone else’s ideas in order to get started. I’ve tried my hand at scrapbooking, card making, knitting, home decorating, and countless numbers of craft projects, all with the same result. If I can look at a sample or a picture in a catalog I can usually create something half way decent, but if I start with a blank slate I usually finish with a blank slate.

I’m a creativity copycat.

As I’ve slowly entered the blogosphere over the past year, I’ve realized that my copycat behaviors carryover to this realm as well. Nearly every sidebar goodie that I have on my personal blog was placed there after seeing it on someone else’s blog – book lists, world maps, countdown tickers, etc. I love to see the ideas and features that are out there that I would never think of on my own. One of the features I like to see most on blogs is a blog roll.

I love clicking through to other people’s blogs via the blog roll - not just to see what creative ideas they may for me to steal, but also to see what the lives of my fellow readers are like. I am consistently amazed by the diversity of reader’s that congregate on the same blogs, and I know that the same must be true for the readers of this very blog, Coffeegirl Confessions. Thus, we are proud to introduce The Blog Roll, aka The Coffeegirl Regulars.

Starting this week, I’d like to begin contacting you “regulars” out there to ask you if you’d be interested and/or willing to join The Blog Roll. As you maintain your “regular” status here through your comments (how else will I know you’re still a regular?) we’ll keep you on The Blog Roll and continue to build it as our group of “regulars” expands. My hope is that we will be providing one another with easy access to reading about the experiences, perspectives and reflections that are represented among us.

As you all know, Women of the Harvest (the host of this blog) is a ministry of support and encouragement for women serving cross-culturally. Coffeegirl Confessions fits into that vision by creating a forum for presenting authentic reflections and inviting you to share your perspectives and experiences in turn. The Blog Roll will help to expand that concept by putting you in easy contact with other women who know what it’s like to serve cross-culturally. Now that’s a great result, even if it does come from a copied idea. Let the roll call begin!

P.S. It struck me as funny when I realized that the word “blogosphere” up in the 2nd paragraph didn’t come up as a misspelled word on my computer. That’s the only word that seemed right, and it turns out that it’s a legitimately recognizable domain!


junglewife said...

I'd love to be on your blog roll. I haven't commented before because up until recently I couldn't comment. Our internet filter here (provided through satellite) was blocking all Blogger sites, but just in the last couple weeks it's mysteriously been unblocked. Yay, I can comment!!! So, I hope to be commenting regularly on your posts! I have enjoyed reading them through my Google reader (your blog was blocked if I tried to click through directly, but I could "sneak a peek" through my feed reader!) ...just couldn't comment!

Anyway, my blog is www.xanga.com/junglewife if you'd be interested in adding it to your blog roll. I'm a missionary with MAF in Indonesia =)

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Hello CG,
I would love to be on your blog roll as well. I am blessed with a WONDERFUL group of women friends here in Mozambique, but I realize that there are women out there who just don't have that kind of support. My first few years in Mozambique were SO LONELY and it was often the timely e-mails I received from other women who gave me the perseverance I needed to "keep on" another day. If I could give back to just one blog read who reads my blog, that would be great!
Lynne in Mozambique

Anonymous said...

Hello! Like Junglewife I read your blog on my Google Reader. I think I commented once. But I am a regular reader. :-)

My name is Angie (screen name @ngie). I am in Bolivia. My blog is: www.angiewashington.com

The blog roll is a great idea.

Cindy said...

A blog roll is a great idea!
I read your 'blog' every week, and many times pass it on to new missionaries on our field as a source of encouragement.

Thanks for your honesty and openess!


Alan & Beth McManus said...

I love the idea of a blog roll! I have often wondered about some of the other ladies who have commented on your blog. It would be cool to "get to know" them as well.

I am a missionary in Mexico, along with my husband and two boys. We have a blog that my husband keeps up (I'm too lazy) but people might be interested in seeing it. It is at www.abcdmcmanus.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

OH yay! I'm so excited. I love reading your blog, but one entry a week is just not enough. I'm anxious to read blogs from other people on the field. We are with BCM International and are not yet in Peru. We were hoping to be there the end of this month, but don't have all our support, so hopefully we'll be there soon. So, my blog is more about the "getting there process" than anything else right now. I hope that doesn't ostracize me from the group... We also have our ministry blog you're welcome to put on the blogroll as well.
(mine) thetaskathand.wordpress.com
(ministry) brianlisabiegert.wordpress.com

jackandellasmum said...

Anyone willing to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) is creating art. This blog inspired me to start my own ( http://riverintowords.blogspot.com ) after writing our family ministry blog for the last 4+ years ( http://hubernews.blogspot.com ). Thanks for your transparency... I think it's a skill sorely lacking in ministry these days.

Gabriele said...

I would like to be on your blogroll as well. I read all the time but don't normally comment. I'm headed to Zambia as soon as I can raise the remaining 10% of my support. :-D


Lori said...

Hello, from Tokyo, where I'm in my first term and pressing forward in language study. I'll eventually be transitioning into teaching Third Culture Kids (TCKs). I'm interested in reading the blogs of those who visit your site and would love to be added to the blog roll. You can follow my journey at: www.tckteacher.blogspot.com

Becky Aguirre said...

A blog roll sounds like a great idea! I have really enjoyed your blog posts and I think that you are fulfilling your role nicely by encouraging us who serve cross-culturally. And I would love to read from others as well...www.beckyaguirre.blogspot.com/ We serve with NTM in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

me too! :) i just love being reminded of the community of saints, giving their lives and being loved by God all over the world! an encouragement in joy and sorrow..


Chantelle said...

Love reading you every week. Of course you can add my blog to your list, since i already gave it to you and others a few weeks ago already. even since then i have loved connecting with a few more women who emailed. So great to have easy links to others to encourage and laugh with. Great idea.
Chantelle- Niger, Africa

Anonymous said...

oh i am SUCH a creativity copycat.

no shame there!

Libby said...

Count me in too! I read every post and have found such encouragement here. So glad you decided to do the blog roll!
I can be found at www.homeschoolblogger.com/missionarymama/

Duane and Carin said...

This is my first time here today, I love this idea. I am a newbie waiting to head to the field for the first time. Count me in, I look forward to hearing from veteren missionaries. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Hello...I would love to be included in your blogroll. I have your blog added as a subscription so that I don't miss a thing. Our family moved to the Philippines almost 2 years ago and I immediately starting blogging our experiences. It has been wonderful therapy for me! We actually have 2 links...one for family, one that is personal from myself. http://eberts4missions.multiply.com and http://eberts4missions.wordpress.com

Thank you!

CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

You know, there is a certain talent to craft copycatting! Don't let it get you down - because it's still an original to you and a joy to do. I say this because I too am a copycat, but don't feel too badly about it because I love the process and think that one day I may be an original of something. Keep trying! And yes, blog roll would be fun. Count me in.

Phil and Pattie said...

What a great idea. You can include our blog. It is www.eagersteps.blogspot.com.
Thanks again for taking the time to share your journey with us and for this great forum where we can all share with each other as well.

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

PLEASE put me on, CG!!!


Grammy said...

I love this post because it is so real. I'm in language school in Costa Rica..Spanish is not a hard language compared to what others of you are studing,but I'm 54 and this is my first second language.We left Home , kids, grandkids for a new season of our lives to work for God in Ecuador.I have a xanga site.

Ellie said...

I've been thinking all week on this one... my blog is not always pretty... much like my life right now...

but go ahead and put me on.

Women of the Harvest Blogs said...

Just doing a little secretary work for Coffeegirl...she is so excited by the response to her CG Blog Roll! Wow!

Chantelle, Grammy, and "Duane & Carin": we think you want to be added but do not have your site. Would you please add another comment and include you blog URL?

And to Jamie, Japan...I'm having the hardest time with your address. It won't take it...hmmmmm?

WOTH is praying for you all as you connect and encourage one another through the blogosphere! Cindy Blomquist

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
I'm a regular reader, but not a regular commenter... :) Coolest thing ever about this blogroll was recognizing blogs that I already read... such a small world it is! :)

Dorthe said...

Yeah, its a really good idea with that blog roll. I'd like to be on it as well.
I serve in Switzerland and beyond.

nora said...

Hi! I'd love to be on your blogroll! I read your blog every time I get an internet connection. It's been so encouraging connecting with other people that serve overseas through blogs. Great idea!


Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog via-via-via and put you on my blog reader. I really like the idea of the blog roll. I am working in Mali, West Africa. And I am drinking coffee right now.
Interesting what you say about being a creativity copycat. I would not call myself a copycat. I hate to copy others, but often it is others ideas that jumpstart my creativity. So what does this make me? ;-)


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